VX/GP Footwell Speakers

VX/GP Footwell Speakers

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VX & GP Footwell Speakers W/EcoCast

Last year we introduced the speakers for the Jetblaster and EX. Now they are also available for the VX and GP models in Black and White.

Key Features:

Removable, wireless Bluetooth footwell speakers with new EcoCast technology.
EcoCast technology enables 1 device to connect with over 100 other devices.
Mounting brackets are permanently mounted on unit. (from MY23)
Speakers are quick-release removable for charging, listening on the beach, etc.
Speakers float and play at the same time
Playtime: 50hrs at 50% volume, 10hrs at max volume
Speaker Type: 3 speakers (5.25” woofer, 3.7” mid-range, 1”tweeter) in each housing
Speaker Peak Power: 65W
One-touch off