YamalubeAE SMB 4S 0W-30

YamalubeAE SMB 4S 0W-30

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LASTNOSTI: - polno sintetično visoko-kvalitetno 4-taktno olje za visoke zmogljivosti - primerno za uporabo pri zelo nizkih temperaturah

Fully synthetic engine oil for Yamaha snowmobiles designed to withstand low temperatures.Features & Benefits: Specifically designed for Yamaha 4-S Snowmobile engines operating at extremely low to standard temperatures Unique cold weather formula provides ultimate protection to engine parts during cold start at extremely low temperatures Provides pumpability at extremely low temperatures < -40\u00B0C Resists oxidation to prevent carbon/varnish formation, control oil & fuel consumption and minimises emissions Outstanding corrosion and rust protection of vital engine parts (both in running & idle conditions) Very good engine cleanliness and anti-wear protectionSuitable for:All 4-stroke snowmobile enginesAvailable in various packaging sizes and pack lots but also available individually from your Yamaha dealer.


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